Dharma School

The Dharma School is for children from pre-school age through the 5th grade.  The children learn about their religion and culture through stories, discussions, skits, arts-and-crafts projects, and special trips throughout the year.


Sangha Teens

The Sangha Teens is a group for Junior High School youth, expanding upon the foundations learned in Dharma School.  In addition, they also interact with similar groups from other temples in the area.


Junior YBA

Junior Young Buddhist Association

The Junior YBA is composed primarily of High School students. In addition to religious, social and service activities within the temple, the group also participates in regular activities of the Southern District, a league of over ten temples in the Southern California region.


Senior YBA

Senior Young Buddhist Association

The Senior YBA is college and young adult extension of Jr. YBA. Their focus is more educational, being involved in monthly gatherings and various seminars.  Members also participate in events sponsored by the Western Young Buddhist League, a federation of chapters spread throughout the West Coast.



Young Adult Buddhist Association

The YABA is an organization for over-30 group.  They not only gather to deepen their understanding of the teachings, but also focus on giving service to the temple.



Adult Buddhist Association

The ABA is a core group of the temple. They sponsor monthly religious gatherings and meetings to discuss how they may serve the temple.


Fujinkai Women’s Group

The Fujinkai provides for the needs of the Temple Sangha. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through providing refreshments and lunches after services, visiting retirement homes, and so forth.  In addition, they are active participants in retreats and other educational programs.


Los Angeles Otani Gakuen

The temple’s choral group

The Los Angeles Otani Gakuen practices weekly. Approximately 25 men and women comprise the organization, performing regularly at various events throughout the year.  The group is one of the few Buddhist Temple choirs in the United States, singing in both English and Japanese.

For more information about the choir and participation, please contact the temple office.



Taiko is a drumming art form gaining popularity throughout the world. Several taiko drumming groups are based at the temple.

Bombu Taiko is a community-based group founded in 2002 and is the latest group to join the Little Tokyo community. The group was named by Rinban Noriaki Ito after the “Bombu” of Buddhist philosophy.

Kitsune Taiko was founded in 2002 and was named by Rinban Ito after the mysterious and mischievous fox(kitsune) of Japanese folklore, reflecting how the members of the group act, mysteriously and mischievously. The girls are “Shakko”(red foxes) and the boys are “Genko”(black foxes).

Both Bombu and Kitsune groups are instructed by members of the internationally recognized TAIKOPROJECT, an ensemble of America’s premiere, emerging taiko drummers dedicated to preserving and disseminating American taiko drumming through educational activities and public performances.

Please contact the temple office for more information about Taiko participation and practice.


Fujima Kansei Odori Kai

The temple’s traditional dance group

Founded by Fujima Kansei on April 4, 1990, the group seeks to express Japanese Classical Dance to Americans and Japanese-Americans of the third and fourth generations. Students ranging in age from 4-40 years old are taught under the tutelage of Madame Fujima Kansuma, who received her Natori at the temple, where training continues to be based. Madame Kansuma received further training in Japan under Grand Master Fujima Kanjuro VI.

Odori is one the traditional forms of Japanese dance that originated during the Edo period of Japan and has remained an integral part of Japanese culture & tradition. Odori is performed throughout the year at various functions, such as during the Obon festival to honor the spirits of our ancestors.

For more information about odori and the weekly practices, please contact the temple office.