Dear Members,

It is with deep sadness that we have learned that many temples were damaged or destroyed by the recent major earthquake in the Japan Sea side Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on January 1st.    

Our Japan headquarters began a relief fund to help and support those whose homes, temples, and businesses were heavily damaged.  We offer our deepest sympathies to all of the people who suffered due to the damage. We would like to do what we can to help those still suffering the effects of this major disaster.

Many of you may remember Rev. Hanafumi Fujishima who was a minister in our North America District office for several years. He has since gotten married and is the minister at one of the temples that was severely damaged.  His last name is now Chudo.  

We ask that you join us and consider making a donation to the victims of the earthquake. You can make a donation through our PayPal account. Please follow the link below or scan the barcode.  Donations can also made by check to Higashi Honganji USA Headquarters – 505 East Third St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.  Please note – 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief Fund.

Thank you for your consideration.